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Foundational Resources................. I

Domain, Hosting, Keyword Research Tools

Building Your Website.................... II

WordPress Training, Website Design

List Building ............................... III

Email list provider, eCover Designer


DIY Online Prosperity Model............. IV

Build Your Own Internet City 


Marketing With Heart .................... V

Marketing programs, Personal Development Books


Section I - Foundational Resources

Domain Registration


Visit GoDaddy NOW

Fantastic for purchasing domain names... they're priced right, simple to find and easy to manage. 

*Special Note - do NOT purchase hosting or any other services here... the hosting is very complicated and the customer service for this function is very challenging... we HIGHLY RECOMMEND - HostGator for hosting!

Web Hosting


Visit HostGator NOW

Host Gator is the easiest one to use and has impeccable customer service - we use them and have for years!  They also VERY easily integrate with WordPress.org - a FREE personal website publishing platform that we recommend you use to build your "city" site!

Get 25% Off of your 1st order when you use this Discount Coupon:  InspiredHosting


Keyword Research

Though there are many different ways to go about your keyword research, if you are using SEO in your online strategy, I recommend two FREE tools:


1. The FREE Google Keyword Tool

2. A FREE software program called Traffic Travis




Section II - Building Your Website

WordPress Training

Though there are many different ways to go about your website design, one of the most popular and versitile is WordPress.  If you are using Blogging in your online strategy, I recommend the following WordPress training sites:


1. The FREE blog with great resources - Free WP Training

2. A FREE (but slightly hidden) section of WP Apprentice - please note access to the full training is a premium cost

3. Here in the paid membership section "My Internet City Map" - we offer an 8 module, easy to follow WordPress training course



Website Design

My Inspiration Consultant

Let The Inspired Marketer build your online foundation for you – Your Inspired City & Skyscrapers.

 The Inspired Marketer Star 150x150 Featured Programs Ever wanted to take your passion to profit online?  But fell short because you didn’t know how?  Think you’re just not a technical person and don’t want to struggle up the learning curve to build it yourself?  Imagine how empowering & inspiring it will be to have your own unique online foundation built & ready for your visitors to enjoy and visit over & over again!       

Click Here to learn more…



Section III - Building Your List

Email Service Provider

For Me, there is no better Email Service Provider Than Aweber!  Outstanding deliverability, easy to use and the customer service is unsurpassed!

Send Your First Email Newsletter Today - AWeber Communications

ECover Maker

Stunning 3D eProduct Covers

Nothing grabs your visitors attention like a fantastic looking product! 

But, hiring a designer to create one for you can be really expensive and creating one on your own if you're not a Photoshop expert can be a big challenge!

I couldn't be more excited about introducing this online program to you!  If you've seen my Inbox Magazine or my Inspired Reflection Moments, you've seen eCover Maker in action!  I love it and I think you will too.


Section IV - DIY Online Prosperity Model

Building Your Own Passion To Profit Online Prosperity Model

Coming Soon….

Inspired Marketers My Internet City Map

My Internet City Map

Let your Personalized Passion to Profit RoadMap guide you as you create your online foundation – Your Inspired City.

The Inspired Marketer Star 150x150 Featured ProgramsInspired to build a passion-filled business online?  But not quite sure where to start?  Been looking for a step-by-step course to show you the easy way to go from your idea to opening your virtual doors online? Imagine how empowering & inspiring it will be to have built your own unique online foundation while also learning eBusiness 101the essential tools of the future! 

Click Here to learn more…



Section V - Marketing With Heart

Heart Model

Marketing With Heart

Are you ready to leave the hype behind?

Ready to market in a way that FEELS amazing to you and attracts your ideal visitors... who feel the message was sent just for them? 

If so... check out:

The Inspired Marketer's Marketing With Heart infographic and begin to draw your ideal avatar right to you!


Inspired Marketing Books

Inspired Marketer's Reading

Marketing with heart is based on the Law of Attraction and putting out the energy of that which you intend to attract.  The best way I know to get yourself in the right frequency to attract the ideal avatar to your business is to be very connected to your passion and your self and what better way to do that then to read! 

Over the years I have read tons of personal development and inspiration business books that have helped to shape The Inspired Marketer that I am today and I'd love to share my bookshelf with you!

If you like personal development and inspiration... check out my bookshelf - I've read and recommend everything on the list!

Know Your Passion & Purpose In Life

YOUnique Life Plan

Do you want to know how to create 161.8% Growth in your life?

Are you ready to reveal... Who you are, what you are, and why you are here?  It's all in your YOUnique Life Plan!

"Having my Younique Life Plan revealed to me was transformational. I was at that point in my life where I was questioning whether or not I was living my true purpose and what path I should take to realize my dreams.  MarciaAnn was remarkably comforting, immediately put me at ease and is absolutely spot on with her intuition! " 

~Loreen Muzik, The Inspired Marketer

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